Windows RT Tablets Up to $300 Less Than Windows 8 Slates

Despite unveiling the Surface way back in June, Microsoft has yet to talk official launch pricing for either of its Surface tablets. However, it seems Lenovo is a little more wiling to talk numbers.

We all know Lenovo is working on a Windows RT tablet/notebook that it plans to release around the same time as Windows 8. This week, David Schmoock, head of Lenovo’s North America operations, spoke to Bloomberg and revealed that those purchasing ARM-based Windows RT tablets can expect to pay between $200 and $300 less than if they were buying a Wintel machine running Windows 8. Schmoock didn't appear to be talking about Lenovo's offering specifically.

"RT will play in consumer and retail at very aggressive price points," Schmoock told Bloomberg. "It will do well but it's going to be more of a consumer price point play to begin with."

What's more interesting is that Schmoock went on to say that Windows 8 tablets will cost $600 to $700. Based on that figure, folks could be able to pick up a Windows RT tablet for $300 or $400. Of course, you won't be getting a full fledged version of Windows 8, but the price might be enough to tempt those considering the iPad or an Android tablet, as they wouldn't be looking for a desktop OS anyway.

Windows 8 is due out October 26. Microsoft has said its Surface tablets will be available on the same day, while other manufacturers have also talked about launches close to the Windows 8 release date.

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  • roflmaonow
    I'm sold if the Surface pro are between $600-$700.
  • bystander
    Keep in mind that this the cost differences are when comparing base units. If the Surface pro comes with an attachable keyboard, there would be an increased gap.
  • bustapr
    windows rt at $300-$400 seems really attractive. i see the windows metro formula working really well with the tablets, and I have no doubt WinRT will be a very polished product. I might get one. just hope enough people start programming for it.

    one thing Im wondering is how they plan to make WinRT tablets that cheap. If Im not mistaken, WinRT isnt free like Android(mostly). And if Im not mistaken, that "isnt free" is actually $85 for each liscense(if the old reports are true). how much is the compromise against other android tablets in that price? also is WinRT as resource hungry as android?