2014 Spells End of Windows Phone 7.8 and 8 Support

The recently released Windows Phone 8 has an expiration date stamped on it, as well as the Windows Phone 7.8. A support page has been added to Microsoft's website that states that the Windows 8 Phone will no longer be receiving any support from Microsoft after July 8, 2014, while the Windows Phone 7.8 will survive a bit longer to September 9, 2014. 

Windows Phone 7.8 was released to enable the older Windows Phone 7 hardware to acquire some of the features of the new Windows Phone 8. As Microsoft was so eager to allow its older phone model to remain in circulation, one has to wonder what Microsoft is doing by releasing end of support dates so soon, especially as it could have a negative impact on the support and dedication from developers.

On the bright side, Microsoft had already confirmed in February that large updates are on their way for Windows Phone 8, while a leaked Nokia document suggested that there might still be updates coming for the Phone 7 as well. The end of support dates can therefore assure users that, while their products may outlive their expiration dates, there could be a stream of regular updates to come in the meantime.

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  • fudoka711
    Why would support for windows 8 phones expire before 7.8? Slightly confused...

    And this seems pretty bad overall. Contracts are still usually 2 years and those that got win 8 won't get 2 years of support. Hopefully they won't need it, but still.
  • SchizoFrog
    fudoka... The first thing that springs to my mind is that maybe WP8 devices will be able to update to WP9, however I doubt this.

    As far as I know WP will update alongside the desktop OS so it does make understandable sense although I think the release info could be clearer.

    Let's not forget we are talking about phones which tend to be upgraded by a new device rather than updated with a new OS. I was a little shocked not by the 2014 date but by the July part of the date. Let's hope MS releases some good information about what is coming our way...
  • nlcbryan
    Hmm..this seems to be very old news.

    WP8 will expire before 7.8, but by then, a newer updates will come. Which might be WP8.1 or 8.5, then will get another 2 years of support.

    7.8 in turn will get another last update which is 7.9, this will add another 2 years of support and after that 2 years it will be the end support for wp7
  • greghome
    Now........how would they sell Windows Phone Phones now?..... :P
  • monktongaz
    There is one key point here, which is whether WP8 devices can take WP9. If they can then fine, no harm no foul. If they force an upgrade to an entirely new phone, in the way they did between WP7.x and WP8, then I am done with WP.
  • Wow, I thought Microsoft had something good here, congrats on mucking it up, I won't be buying another windows phone as much as I want to support Nokia. I guess it will be the S5 or Note IV next time for me
    Hope you're all ready for Windows 9 in 2015...

    Or at least an Android which can do more. LOL
  • ojas
    Was about to buy a Lumia 620, but now i'm a bit confused.

    Though to be honest, I've never needed support for a phone beyond a physical repair.

    On the other hand, all my previous phones cost less than $70, while the 620 costs around $260.

    This is all without contract, so don't freak out :D
  • cats_Paw
    Bi*** Please, the only reason i use Win7 is cus i wanted DX11. When windows stop support, the onyl difference is that hacked games work easier.
    Like Windows ever was a safe platform...
  • scottpatrickbass
    Another misleading ad (coz it's an AD not an ARTICAL, if it was an ARTICAL it would be true) on Toms....the next version on windows phone will run on the current windows phone 8 handsets. There will be at least one more update to 7.8 (7.9 as someone has said already). I mean seriously, if Apple and/or Google are paying you to misrepresent the news, you are doing a bad job of hiding it..