Blizzard Clarifies Pre-Sale of Cataclysm Digital

Tuesday Blizzard sent along a email clarifying how the World of Warcraft: Cataclysm cinematics will be distributed to those who purchase digital versions via, and those who plan to download the installer from the Cataclysm website.

According to the company, all current World of Warcraft players will receive the Cataclysm intro as part of an upcoming patch set to be distributed prior to December 7. All other cinematics-- even older ones such as the Wrathgate movie-- will be available to download for those who haven't already installed them. Once the critical game data has been obtained and installed, the cinematics will automatically download in the background.

Blizzard also said that North American subscribers who upgrade to Cataclysm--either the digital or physical retail copy--will gain access to the new content at 12am Pacific Standard Time (3am Easter Standard Time) on December 7. "Players will not be able to access Cataclysm expansion content prior to 12am PST, regardless of how they upgrade or what time zone they’re located in," Blizzard said.

The company also provided a quick FAQ covering credit card payments, pre-ordering, and more:

Q. When will my credit card (or other payment method) be charged?
A. You will be charged on the day that you place your pre-order for World of Warcraft: Cataclysm.

Q. Why do I need to log in to the game once after I’ve upgraded?
A. The first time you log in after pre-ordering, your account will become eligible to begin receiving the Cataclysm data when it’s available. The data will automatically download in the background while you play World of Warcraft or while you have the Launcher window open.

Q. Can I pre-order a physical copy of Cataclysm and have it shipped?
A. Not from Blizzard Entertainment, but many retailers offer pre-orders of physical boxes and Collector’s Editions.

Q. In what regions is the Cataclysm pre-sale available? What day/time is Cataclysm launching in my region?
The pre-sale is available in the following regions, with realms scheduled to launch at the following times:
Americas, Australia, New Zealand, and Southeast Asia - December 7 at 12:01 a.m. PST
Europe and Russia - December 7 at 12:01 a.m. CET

Q. Will a digital version of the Collector's Edition, with the exclusive pet, be available?
A. No. The World of Warcraft: Cataclysm Collector's Edition is exclusive to physical retail copies. The digital version consists of the standard edition.

  • reprotected
    Q. How much life will you lose by playing this game?
    A. For people who are new to this game, about a year to possibly your whole life (until the server closes down). If you already play this game, expect forever.
  • FloKid
    Why no in-game pet?
  • Dirtman73
    What game is this again?
  • eklipz330
    i can't wait until WOW dies... blizzard has been sitting on their asses for god knows how long, it shouldn't take 4 years for a starcraft 2 expansion...
  • cashews
    I am glad I quit playing a few years back.
  • drakennz
    FloKidWhy no in-game pet?
    There is one - but it comes with the collector's addition in physical form only - it's the same as they've done with previous releases as well.
  • Easter Standard Time?
  • whysobluepandabear
    I wish I never touched WoW. Seriously, stay away from the game. It will ruin everything you have going for yourself. It steals away all real world potential, while you become a super hero in a game.

    If what I did in-game translated to real life status, I would be bigger than P-diddy, and just as rich as him.

    Too bad I have nothing to show for all the time invested. Well, besides the money I made selling the account....but for the amount of time invested into the characters, It's a steal to buy an account.
  • cybr
    It took you playing the game and spending all that time to realize that?
  • anacandor
    The one thing i regret in life was playing wow. Praise jebus i got over that game.