Target Ad Confirms Xbox 360 Elite Price Cuts

With the launch of the PS3 Slim and the new $299 price point, the folks at Sony have reduced the impact their console has on both your wallet and living room real estate. However, now that the company has finally given fans what they've wanted for months, all eyes are on Mirosoft to do the same for the Xbox 360 Elite.


Recent rumors have pointed toward a price cut for the 120 GB Xbox Elite, which is currently priced at $399. A scanned Wal-Mart flier posted online earlier in the week lent more weight to the rumors and today, Engadget has what purport to be next week's Target ads which usually run from Saturday to Sunday.

Image Credit: Engadget

  • tenor77
    I expect to see some deals on the Pro soon. I've already got one but if you're looking that wouldn't be a bad choice either since it's being phased out.
  • coonday
    Why would anyone buy a Wii now when the PS3 and Xbox 360 Elite are both only 50 bucks more?
  • ssalim
    Sweet, customers win.
    Wii? no. F wii.
  • doomtomb
    I think this is a hell of a deal but that last news article said 54% get red rings >_>
  • dargon_supreme
    Xbox and PS3 are for hard gamers. Wii is for casual gamers (all family, everyone). You can not compare them. They are very different. Price cuts for the Xbox and PS3 will allow us to buy one of them and a Wii. PS3 or Xbox if you want to play alone or with your brother/friend, and a Wii to play with all your family and friends.
  • Regulas
    OK MS matched Sony but still no WiFi or Blue Ray player, the PS3 is better value for your cash plus the crapbox 360 failure rate of over 50% is something to worry about too.
  • festerovic

    At this price, it's hard to resist getting a game machine AND a bluray player.
  • blackened144
    festerovic^AgreedAt this price, it's hard to resist getting a game machine AND a bluray player.I bought a $69 blu-ray player for my gaming machine. At that price, screw the PS3.
  • captaincharisma
    good news xbox fanboys!!! it's going to be cheaper now to replace your failed xbox LOL :)