Xbox 360 802.11n Wireless Adapter Hits UK

Engadget reports that the elusive adapter was recently spotted in Asda, a UK supermaket branch. Asda has the adapter priced at £49, which is in line with the older model.

Microsoft has been vague on the release of this new adapter, but it's real and here now in retail stores.

For those of you who aren’t familiar with Asda, its a supermarket chain that was, until a couple of months ago, owned by Walmart. So speculating that we're not too far away from a U.S. release couldn't exactly be considered going out on a limb.

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  • Chipi
    Yeah, but PS3 already has this...
  • mikepaul
    Not 802.11N, last I knew. Built-in 802.11G is nothing to brag about in a HD world...
  • Supertrek32
    $85 for a freakin' adapter. For that price, I'd just buy a second router and configure it as an access point. Then I could hook up anything else in the area as well.