Microsoft to Launch Music Service on October 26?

Microsoft is gearing up for a massively busy fall season. Between the launch of a brand new OS that's hoping to change the desktop landscape for good, a software update for the Xbox, and Windows Phone 8, the company is certainly going to make the most of 2012's final quarter. We already know that Windows 8 and Redmond's Surface tablets will launch on the same day, and it seems Microsoft has yet another product release planned for the end of October.

According to the latest scuttlebutt, Microsoft will release Xbox Music on October 26. The Verge cites multiple sources familiar with Microsoft's plans that say the music service will launch at the same time as Windows 8 with SkyDrive support allowing for the storage of music and playlists. Additionally, users will have the choice between a subscription-based service or free, ad-supported streaming of music.

There will be support for additional platforms (such as Android and iOS), but The Verge writes that these apps won't be available from launch. Instead, users will be restricted to Windows Phone, Windows 8, and Xbox 360. No word on pricing for the subscriptions or whether the free option will feature any kind of restrictions, but we'll update if more information comes to light.


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  • DjEaZy
    ... meh...
  • ricdiculus
    And the appleization of MS continues....
  • hrhuffnpuff
    And how is this service better than Spotify? The biggest question is, Is it going to fail like the Zune?
  • NoCaDrummer
    Maybe three is a charm. They should stick to what they're good at - lawsuits and intimidation.
    Oh, sorry... "imitation."
  • In terms of use, Microsoft shall not be held responsible for damaged hardware in cases of enraged rappers at any of Microsoft point of sale or online locations.
  • misterawsome
    what about zune
  • keither5150
    Zune pass is another thing that totally dominates itunes but nobody knows about it. They best not be taking my zune pass away from me. We have been with Zune Pass almost a year and have about 700 albums in our library...... for $100/year. Their smart DJ is awesome. itunes totally sucks compared to Zune. If you try it, you won't go back to sh-itunes, that won't work over 3 HTPC's like Apple says it does. It would be nice if the service worked on my Note 2.