State of Decay: Real-Time Open-World Zombie Apocalypse

Two years ago, Undead Labs announced plans to release a real-time, open-world zombie survival title for the Xbox 360. Finally, after two years of quiet development, the studio made an official announcement regarding the title. Dubbed State of Decay, the single-player game will feature multiple characters, allowing players to switch between members of their growing survival community.

The game essentially puts you in a Walking Dead-like scenario where you gather a community of survivors and do whatever it takes to stay alive. According to the developer, the game will operate in real-time and feature an entirely open world, meaning players choose their path of survival as they seem fit. Like reality, players will feel the pain of any poor choices with real time consequences.

State of Decay Trailer

No details whether or not a multiplayer element will be worked in, but the title is now being developed on both the Xbox 360 and PC platforms. No release date either, but you can head on over to the Undead Labs blog for more information and screenshots from the game.


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    open world and multiple character... seems fun. will it get right?
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    Day S!
  • atikkur
    open world and multiple character... seems fun. will it get right?
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