AMD Launches Two Bulldozers, Reduces Price of FX-8120

The company will be gradually rolling out the FX-4170 as well as the FX-6200.

The quad-core 4170 breaks through the 4 GHz mark with a base clock speed of 4.2 GHz (4.3 GHz Turbo) and complements the 4100 (3.6 GHz/3.8 GHz) on the lower end of the FX series. It is AMD's first processor that offers a base clock speed of more than 4 GHz. The 6-core 6200 will come with a base clock of 3.8 GHz (4.1 GHz Turbo). Both processors are rated at a TDP of 125 watts. The manufacturer did not reveal the prices of these two CPUs, but mentioned that their availability "is happening on a rolling timeline, so availability will vary by market."

With the introduction of these two new processors, AMD has also reduced the price of its FX-8120. The chip is now offered for a suggested retail price of $185, down from $205.

  • de5_Roy
    i hope these new fx cpus along with now-cheaper fx 8120 gets tested in the next sub-$200 cpu round up. may be some tests with crossfired radeon hd 7850s. :)
  • azathoth
    4.2Ghz Base clock? Very interesting indeed. However I have a feeling that the overclocking headroom is minimal at best.
    I wonder what the pricing range will be?
  • randomkid
    Nothing new... Its just OC'd versions of the 4100 & 6100. Nothing you can't do yourself...
  • crisan_tiberiu
    Overclocking = marketing? imo, i think that AMD and Intel takes advantage of "overclockers". I meen the 2500 and 2600k averclock like hell, why not release the chips with a 4 GHZ base clock and 4,5 Ghz turbo? aha..then the overclock headroom its minimal ^^ This is the case of the FX 4170. The fx 4100 can be OCd to 4,5 GHz, so, its the same thing. The only thing here is (i think) this way the 4170 its going to come closer to intel. This is the "GHZ race" again. We cant compete on the arhitecture lets popm up the GHZ.
  • amuffin
    Well clock speed isn't everything...
  • With Windows 8 Beta going public literally tomorrow, does Tom's Hardware have any planes to test Bulldozer on that OS? I remember reading that Windows 8 properly utilizes it during talks of a possible Windows 7 fix for the processor that didn't pan out.
  • tomhrxbfg
    nice, can't wait this price in combination with microcenter mobo deal!
  • pedro_mann
    Good news. Prices are coming down a little :)
  • theuniquegamer
    4.2ghz base is very very good for overalockers to get it jump beyond 8.5 ghz record speed by previous bulldozer on LN2 . I hope they'll give proper aircooler with fx 4170 .Price will also be lower after launch of ivy bridge in june.
  • Ragnar-Kon
    Still going to wait for 2nd Gen Bulldozer-based chips, but glad to see the price is dropping a little regardless. Something priced higher than an Intel chip and yet performs worse in 80% of the tasks is a bad thing.