AMD CEO Rory Read Is Out, Dr. Lisa Su Takes Over

As part of a company-wide transition, AMD announced on Wednesday night that effective immediately, Dr. Lisa Su will serve as the company’s president and chief executive officer and will serve on the Board of Directors. Dr. Su is the company’s very first female CEO.

Rory Read, the former president, CEO and Board member, will now serve as an adviser during the transition until the end of 2014.

"I am grateful to have had the opportunity to lead such a talented team and proud of what we have accomplished during such an important chapter in the company's history,” Read said. “Together, we have established the right strategy to enable AMD to continue to grow and transform. I am confident that Lisa is the right leader to drive AMD forward."

Dr. Su received her doctorate in electrical engineering at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. After that, she worked at Texas Instruments in the Semiconductor Process and Device Center, and then moved on to IBM, where she served for 13 years. There she held many leadership positions, such as vice president of the Semiconductor Research and Development Center.

Dr. Su joined Freescale Semiconductor in 2007 and moved up in rank until she became the company’s Chief Technology Officer. She didn’t join AMD until 2012, when she became senior vice president and general manager of the company’s Global Business Units.

According to AMD, Dr. Su was recently responsible for integrating AMD’s business units, global operations, sales and infrastructure enablement teams into “a single market-facing organization.” This organization is responsible for sales, operations, product execution and product strategy, the company’s press release explained.

“I am deeply honored to have this opportunity to lead AMD during this important time of transformation,” Dr. Su said. “Our world-class technology assets combined with the incredible talent and passion of the AMD team provide us with a unique opportunity to shape the future of computing. I look forward to expanding on the strong foundation we have built under Rory's leadership as we develop industry-leading technologies and products for a diverse set of markets to drive sustainable and profitable growth."

AMD’s press release said that the company has made “significant progress” in its operational and financial performance and that it has returned to non-GAAP profitability. Bruce Claflin, chairman of AMD's board of directors, said Rory and the board felt that now was the right time to make Dr. Su the head of the company.

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  • greghome
    so, Mr. Reed going back to Lenovo ?
  • Shin-san
    AMD has a few chances left, but it seems like they took a good gamble. They got the guy back that was largely responsible for the AMD Athlon, AMD64, and Apple's 64-bit ARM CPU
  • Drejeck
    AMD needs to return on an SMT architecture like Jaguar/Kabini. They need to change socket/lithography often and design new architectures every 2 - 3 year.
    Their old way of keeping legacy socket on new processor gets all stagnant, and not changing lithography gets all even more stagnant. The FX are proof of that.
    We need more competition, Intel itself isn't moving too far from sandy bridge processors.
  • tiamos
    12 core phenom II plz Dr. Su.... ^_^
  • ta152h
    This has to be one of the more brain-numbing idiotic moves I've ever seen from a company.

    What the Hell were they thinking in announcing this eight days before earnings, instead of just packaging it with the earnings report? They have the entire investor market spooked because of this bizarre announcement, out of the blue, that no one understands the timing of. Including me.

    Thanks AMD, for costing me $2000 in a night because you didn't have the sense to wait a week for the earnings report.

    There's just no normal for this company. They behave like demented children, who have no sense of what's normal or how to handle even the simplest of things.
  • silverblue
    12 core Phenom II? Umm... like that's going to do anything outside of encoding (which is pretty much where Bulldozer and its derivatives are good anyway, and for - shock - less power).
  • delellod123
    maybe Rory shorted AMD's stock. J/K. Bad move before earnings, agree, look at the premarket numbers, ouch!
  • delellod123
    may take a position in AMD stock after earnings, once the dust settles.
  • Onus
    Long term, Rory Read refocusing AMD on the APU rather than trying to go head to head vs. the much bigger and stronger Intel may very well have saved the company. However boring for enthusiasts that may be, it made excellent business sense.
  • rds1220
    Good riddance. Maybe now they have someone who actually knows what they are doing.