AMD Flies the European Flag After Intel Fine

Most of last week's news discussing Intel or AMD, mentioned, at least in passing, Intel’s record breaking fine from the EU and it seems AMD is determined to keep on people's radars the fact that Intel got burned.

While most seem to think the flag and the corresponding message that reads, “European Commission finds Intel guilty of breaking antitrust laws, harming consumers,” is AMD’s attempt to rub salt in the wound and do a little gloating, we’re inclined to think differently.

For years, the company complained that Intel was attempting to drive it out of the market and last week, those claims were recognized and confirmed by the European Commission. AMD posting the news on its site is what we’d expect from any company. We spoke to AMD's social media strategist, Chris James (via twitter because that's where a social media strategist hangs out these days) and he said he hopes that the flag isn't widely being perceived in a negative light.

"I hope it's not widely being perceived that way," James tweeted. "But it's an important decision after a 9 year fight. EU consumers rejoice!"

That said, there’s probably tons of you who think differently and we want to know if you think the picture above is childish, or if you think it’s a natural state of progression for a ruling like this: one team gets a smack on the wrist and the opposition does its best to spread the word.

  • DXRick
    Well, if Intel broke EU laws, they should pay. But why does the EC get the money? Shouldn't AMD get it?

    This is like class action suits in the US, where the lawyers run off with the money.
  • BallistaMan
    Regardless of the verdict in this case, the way AMD is acting is a show of poor sportsmanship. It's best to let others speak of your triumph rather than showing if off yourself.
  • tenor77
    AMD was wronged, but I don't think shows much class. I've been running AMD chipsets on all my builds but Intel's taking their licks, I don't think trying to rub salt in the wound is the right approach.
    i think its funny
  • ravewulf
    I don't mind it (the flag on the website). A little amusing, sure, but not much more than that. It is nice to see the win for fair competition though
  • jacobdrj
    I just happened to go to the AMD website the day the verdict was in. I couldn't believe that they actually were gloating over this in this way while I was trying to download drivers.
    I thought it was hilarious and sad at the same time.
    They should spend more time and money advertising and less hoping for verdicts from governments.
  • JMcEntegart
    DXrickWell, if Intel broke EU laws, they should pay. But why does the EC get the money? Shouldn't AMD get it?This is like class action suits in the US, where the lawyers run off with the money.
    The EU is representing the millions of European customers who were affected by Intel's actions. This is not really about Intel vs AMD, although that is a small part of it. The EU issued this fine because they felt Intel's actions harmed consumers.

    The European Commission does not exist to fight on the behalf of AMD. If AMD feels Intel's actions were anticompetitive (which it clearly does) it needs to address that issue with its own lawsuit.

    The money from Intel goes to the EU's central budget, which reduces the contributions that Member States pay to the EU. In other words, that money goes to the countries who were affected by Intel's actions.
  • Gin Fushicho
    Well it sure has made me laugh hard. AMD must really hate Intel. Regardless It is interesting to see the two companys turn into children with one having stolen from the cookie jar and the other tattling , then shoving it in his face. xD It's like saying "HAHA! Intel got grounded!"
  • DXrick; It's like so many things that people get fined for. If your employer doesn't follow proper regulations and violates your rights, he gets fined and you get nothing. If AMD wants money, though, I don't see why they can't go after Intel with their own lawyers. I could be wrong, but the government decision should provide a legal precedent for Intel having been responsible for financial damages.
  • hunter315
    While im glad that intel got nailed and i do like AMD because it lets you get a good system without a ton of cash, the fact that it is in the middle of their homepage is kind of childish, they could have atleast been a bit more subtle about their gloating.