AMD Releases Triple Threat and Price Cuts

AMD has released three new triple-core processors Monday along with further price cuts to its processor range.

Although not able to compete with Intel in the high-end market, AMD has shown it still has some bite left by slashing prices once again in their processor line up and by releasing three new triple-core Phenom processors. The newly announced AMD Phenom X3 8450e and Phenom X3 8250e are both energy efficient processors with a TDP of just 65 W each, which translates into reduced heat and a savings on the power bill.

In comparison, AMD’s standard Phenom triple-core processors have a 95 W TDP and Intel’s desktop dual-core processors have a TDP of 65 W. Both new processors have a triple L2 cache of 512 KB and a 2 MB L3 cache, with the Phenom X3 8450e featuring a 2.1 GHz clock-speed and the Phenom X3 8250e a 1.9 GHz clock speed. Prices are not yet available.

The third newly announced processor is the AMD Phenom X3 8750 Black Edition, proving once again that where there is an unlocked multiplier to be had, there is an extra dollar to be made. The processor features a 2.4 GHz clock-speed, a 95 W TDP, a triple L2 cache of 512 KB, a 2 MB L3 cache and an unlocked multiplier for those wanting to put their cooling system to the test. Priced at $134 in bulk, the processor offers a good deal for the enthusiast on a budget.

Last but not least, AMD is slashing prices again for the second time in the last two weeks with price reductions set for the AMD X3 8450, dropping the price to $104 in bulk, and the AMD X3 8650, with a price drop to $119 in bulk. Last week Intel introduced its new Intel Pentium dual-core E5200 processor, offering a 2.5 GHz clock-speed, an 800 MHz FSB and a 2 MB L2 cache, priced competitively at $84 in bulk. AMD is rumored to be releasing its new Phenom processors based on the upcoming Deneb core in January 2009, which just does not seem to be soon enough.

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  • timaahhh
    Does anyone really buy these X3 chips? Most AMD people seem to get Athlon BE or quads it seems. Not intended to be flamebait btw just wondering I don't really hear much about these.
  • one-shot
    I agree, I never hear much about the X3 cpu's. They could be decent, but who knows. What does sadden me tho is Deneb was supposed to be H2 2008 but now it looks like 2009. Competition is a good thing.
  • danbfree
    Well, a Black edition Triple Core may be fun to play with at a good price point. I know I personally wasn't interested at all until I heard about this Black Edition. There is talk that because one core is disabled on these triple cores. that overclocking can be much better... hmmm.