AMD's Phenom II Naming Change

AMD officially announced the new family name for the 45nm Phenoms and Phenom II, at the firm’s Financial Analyst Day last week. More interestingly, reports have surfaced that AMD has switched to a 3-digit model number scheme from the 4-digit one currently in use.

Back in September there were industry reports that AMD was going to change their Phenom X4 and X3 model number scheme from a 4-digit model number to a 5-digit model number. This no longer appears to be the case, but there has been no official word from AMD about these model numbers yet.

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ModelCoresFrequencyCodenameSocketTotal CacheTDPRelease Date
X4 94543.0GHzDenebAM38 MB*125WQ2 2009
X4 94043.0GHzDenebAM2+8 MB125WJan. 8 2009
X4 92542.8GHzDenebAM38 MB95WFeb. 2009
X4 92042.8GHzDenebAM2+8 MB125WJan. 8 2009
X4 91042.6GHzDenebAM38 MB95WFeb. 2009
X4 81042.6GHzDenebAM36 MB95WFeb. 2009
X4 80542.5GHzDenebAM36 MB95WFeb. 2009
X3 72032.8GHzPropusAM37.5 MB95WFeb. 2009
X3 71032.6GHzPropusAM37.5 MB95WFeb. 2009

*Expreview reports the Phenom II X4 945 as a 125W part. While the source did not specify, the 945 is assumed to have an unlocked multiplier as it is the flagship model. The Phenom II X4 940 and 920 will also have unlocked multipliers.

An interesting thing to note is the similarity between this naming scheme and that used by Intel’s Core i7 family of processors, specifically the Phenom II X4 920 and 940. Hopefully this won’t be a source of confusion for the less knowledgeable crowd should they decide to build their own system. At least the 3-digit model numbers are easier to say and remember than the 5-digit numbers.

April will reportedly see the launch of the mainstream triple- and quad-core Phenom II X3 400 and X4 600 series, and June the budget dual-core X2 200 series chips.

We contacted AMD and a representative told us that while the name changes are true, the processor model numbers cannot be confirmed at this time. We were also told that official numbers will be unveiled very shortly.

  • DavidOrr
    I think it's pretty clear that the new naming scheme was influenced by Intel's i7 naming patterns. Looking at how the numbers line up, I am wondering if AMD is naming these processors in terms of relative performance to their i7 counterpart (i.e the X4 920 is roughly equal to the i7 920). That'd be a pretty large performance jump for AMD, but I don't think it's out of the question, especially looking at how well their newest server chips perform.

    Regardless, this naming scheme is much clearer than what they had originally planned for the next-gen Phenom, so I think it's a good move.
  • cushgod
    Dirka dirka!! nice strategy, AMD , with the chip model #'s just like i7(Intel)!! that was no mistake!! I bet it will change again because they cant figure #*$^ out!! THey should stop worrying and changing the names and get something tangible to challenge at least ONE line of chips from intel!! gesus!!!
  • Dekasav
    It's pretty much how they did it in the P4/Athlon 64 days. AMD 3000+ was roughly equal to the P4 at 3.0Ghz.

    If they are doing that again, I hope they're accurate.
  • doychin
    8MB L3 Cache? Is this true?

    I can't see it in the picture on Expreview reports article
  • lol I highly doubt the 920 deneb is even close (with in 20%) of the core i7 920... if its in 10% i'd say the numbers are fine but i don't think its even close
  • hellwig
    I like the fact that they are nearly simultaneously releasing AM2+ and AM3 processors. Sounds like the perfect time to upgrade to a Phenom when the AM2+ motherboard prices start to drop. Unless someone can come up with a benchmark that shows real-world benefit from DDR3, I think I'll just skip it. I paid more than enough upgrading to DDR2 thank you very much.
  • orangedrink
    just got my gigabyte am2+ mb for $99.

    will am2+ boards be compatible with am3 chips? i want the 940 or 945.
  • godmode
    intersting...early reviews tested the deneb cores with 6mb of L3. i wonder how they perform with 8mb of L3? if those numbers are true.
  • hannibal
    That is the total cache: 4*512Mb + 6 Mb = 8 Mb (L2+L3)
    But not too bad in anyway.
  • eklipz330
    i don't like this, it makes them seem desperate.. unless intel and amd have some side agreement, than this seems very smart