AMD Shows Ray-tracing Tech on YouTube

San Francisco (CA) - AMD has published two YouTube videos that show off its voxel-based rendering technology.

Panasonic PZ850 plasmaThe videos were released by AMD’s company blog, AMDUnprocessed, and showcase the 3D technology developed by JulesWorld.

The first video is a shaky-cam clip of a ray-traced Ruby, AMD/ATI’s red-clothed vixen (YouTube link). The second video is an interview with Jules, talking about technical aspects of OTOY/LightScape technologies (YouTube link). OTOY is JulesWorld’s plug-in that allows cinematic-quality rendering within browsers.

Real fireworks are expected for Siggraph 2008, where JulesWorld will be one of the companies to take the center stage. As soon as we learn more details about OTOY, LightScape, Fincher and Ruby demos, we’ll let you know. One thing is certain - this year’s Siggraph will be a-must-visit event.

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  • Lozil
    Ya, AMD is Back in the Graphics Game, Now they Just need to be back in the Processor Game....
  • one-shot
    Lightscape is pretty cool, can't wait till more programs use a gpu to render instead of a cpu.
  • LAN_deRf_HA
    This could be it, the point at which graphics get so close to real life so consistently that they take a sideline to plot, gameplay, and art direction. Might as well just be one console next gen cause they're all going to look perfect.