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AMD Stock Price Surpasses Intel's for First Time in 15 Years

Intel charted in orange, AMD in blue

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If you've been investing in Intel stock over the last few years, you've undoubtedly witnessed pretty significant growth. But if you've been investing in AMD, then you're probably even more chuffed right now. That's because AMD's stock price has just surpassed that of Intel, marking the first time this has happened since 2006. 

Currently priced at $61.79, AMD's stock price is just a hair more valuable than Intel's at $61.57 (7:45 am Pacific Time), though the two have been battling for the top spot over the last few hours. This comes after AMD broke its all-time stock price record at the start of this year. 

Of course, it must be said that the stock price says nothing about the company's value. For that, you would need to multiply the stock price by the number of shares, and that's when things end up looking totally different. 

AMD has a market cap of $72.43 billion USD, whereas Intel is far more valuable at $260.79 billion USD -- and that, again, doesn't say much about what the company is worth in actual assets.

What these figures do show is that there is quite a bit of optimism among investors right now, which isn't surprising given AMD's history. Ever since Lisa Su became the company's CEO, AMD has been growing tremendously. In fact, Su has been named one of the world's best CEOs

One of AMD's primary driving forces right now is the Zen architecture at the heart of its Ryzen CPUs, which debuted in 2017 and has since been revised to Zen+ and Zen 2. The latter is currently dominating the market at the 7nm fabrication process, all while Intel is still trying to advance from 14nm with just a few products on the 10nm node. 

It won't be long until AMD releases CPUs with its next revision of the Zen architecture, Zen 3. Two days ago, AMD confirmed that Zen 3 CPUs will launch this year. Next week, AMD will hold its earnings call, so we'll likely get an update from the company then.

Niels Broekhuijsen is a Contributing Writer for Tom's Hardware US. He reviews cases, water cooling and pc builds.