AMD Supports Torrent Search Site With Quad-core Opterons

Chicago (IL) - Over the past several years, we have heard several stories that both Intel and AMD are supporting various BitTorrent search engines and trackers, since these sites actually provide a great evaluation platform of computing platform performance.

It isn't particularly difficult to imagine why AMD or Intel would support these which in fact receive more traffic than a lot of tier one sites. However, this kind of support is usually kept under wraps, mostly to stay politically correct. In an interesting exception, administrators of, one of largest torrent search engines have announced that AMD donated two quad-core processors based on Barcelona core to them.

With a lot of talk about TLB-errata and allegations of instabilities, there is no better way to test various micro-code updates than on highest-load environment such as one on world's 159th largest website (at least according to

We wish crew all the best in stretching AMD's Quaddie legs.