AMD to demo virtualization tech at Linux World

AMD plans to hold the first public demonstration event of its virtualization technology at the upcoming Linux World tradeshow in Boston. The company said today that it will have Opteron processor systems on display showing the capabilities of the technology.

Developers already got a chance to see AMD's virtualization, formerly code-named "Pacifica," at the held Novell Brainshare Global 2006 conference, which takes place in Salt Lake City until this Saturday. The preview runs with OpenSuse 10.0 and a pre-release of Xen 3.0.2, AMD said.

The Boston Linux World will open its doors on 3 April.

AMD trails Intel with the introduction of virtualization by a few months. Intel started late last year to spread virtualization support throughout its product portfolio. Among the CPUs supporting the feature are the Pentium D 900 series (with the exception of the upcoming 925 model), the Xeon DP/MP with Paxville core as well as the single-core Pentium 4 662 and 672. Most of Intel next generation processors, including the mobile CPU "Merom," the desktop-targeted "Conroe," the volume server chip "Woodcrest" and the high-end server processor Itanium 2 with Montecito core will be supporting virtualization.