KitKat Now Running On 1.1 Percent of Android Devices

Android 4.4 KitKat was just announced last month, but the OS is already creeping into a growing number of devices. The latest figures from Google's Android developer dashboard show KitKat market share now stands at 1.1 percent. The figures, which account for the seven days ending December 2, show that Jelly Bean is still the most prevalent version of Android. However, one month after launch, KitKat adoption (1.1 percent) has already surpassed Android 3.2 (a paltry 0.1 percent) and is catching up to Froyo (1.6 percent).


Jelly Bean, which covers Android 4.1, Android 4.2, and Android 4.3, accounts for a massive 54.5 percent of the Android market (the most popular iteration of Jelly Bean is 4.1.x). Next in line is Android 2.3.3-2.3.7, aka Gingerbread, which claims 24.1 percent of the market. Ice Cream Sandwich brings up the rear with 18.6 percent of Android market share. Google's Android Developers Dashboard data is gathered from the Google Play Store, which only supports Android 2.2 and up.

Android KitKat was released October 31 and features a refreshed UI, performance optimization, improved notifications, built-in screen recording, improved full-screen mode, and more. It launched alongside the release of the Nexus 5.

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  • clonazepam
    Joyce is my baby mama's mama... god I hate that b!atch... wont ever mind her own business....

    I'm 'stuck' on jelly bean until i buy a new phone. I'm waiting for a better option from Motorola. Sadly, the main reason might be the ease in which I transfer "my life" from the old to the new. I keep hearing mixed opinions about other companies' extra layer over android, so i dont know.
  • ericburnby
    You mean "KitKat on 1.1% of devices that connected to Google Play in the last 7 days".

    KitKat isn't on 1.1% of ALL Android devices that are in use.
  • ethanolson
    I hope HP updates their Slate product line to Kit Kat.