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Tom's Guide: Android Performance Tips & Apps

The great thing about smartphones is that they can do so many different things. Gone are the days when your phone just made phone calls. These days, your cell phone is your camera, your email, your photo album, your gaming device, your media player and so much more. However, with all this functionality and so many different apps running this feature or that widget, your phone can get slow or die within a few hours. Check out 'Android Performance Tips & Tricks' for tips to get the most out of your Android phone.

Android is a wonderful platform because it encourages users and programmers to experiment with various apps, programs, and tweaks to make devices running the OS to perform even better. Change your keyboard, select the web browser of your choice, or even root your device guilt-free! There's always something else you can do to tweak your system to your liking, extend your battery life, and improve your performance. Here are a few suggestions, ranging from simple usage tips to full on optimization apps, to get more juice out of your battery and more performance out of your machine.Android Performance Tips & Tricks

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