AORUS Intros Thunder M7 MMO Gaming Mouse

Peripheral maker AORUS revealed a new gaming mouse on Thursday called the Thunder M7 MMO. As the name indicates, the company had MMO/MOBA gaming in mind when designing this gadget. However, the company chose to keep the design simple, eliminating the plethora of buttons as seen on competing MMO gaming mice.

"The AORUS Thunder M7 is specifically designed for MMO gamers, who emphasize on emitting accurate and fast attack commends at the battlefield; therefore, AORUS developed the best allocation of the MMO hot-keys with great effort and time to bring the most ergonomically mouse for the gamers," states the press release.

The new mouse includes 16 programmable buttons, eight of which are located by the user's fingertips (thumb, index) on the left side. There are also buttons for changing the dpi on the fly, ranging from 800 dpi to 5600 dpi. Thanks to the built-in AORUS Macro Engine, users have up to five different profiles, equaling up to 70 macros that can be programmed.

According to the specs, the mouse uses Omron switches that promise up to 20 million clicks. The laser sensor supports an 8200 dpi resolution and a 150 ips tracking speed, ensuring smooth movements in multi-monitor setups and high-resolution monitors.

The spec list also shows a report rate of 1000 Hz, a frame rate of 12,000 frames per second, a maximum acceleration of 30g, and a six foot USB cable. The overall size of this mouse is (L)116 x (W)70 x (H)44 millimeters.

Aorus's new Thunder M7 is available now in the USA at participating retailers.

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  • Jak Atackka
    I think you goofed up your math. 16 programmable keys x 5 profiles = 80 macros, not 70.
  • alidan
    just have a simple numpad like logitech or razer,
  • knowom
    Looks like a good mouse maybe the ideal MOBA gamer mouse since it doesn't have excess thumb buttons making it easier to hit the correct one and another by mistake.

    Redragon Perdition looks like a pretty good mouse too along with UtechSmart US-D16400-GM Venus which I think is virtually identical and one or the other is maybe a subsidiary company both well priced

    What I'd really love to see is a trackball mouse for MOBA gamers with a nice optical sensor from Razor.
  • knowom
  • belardo
    So how do you reach those buttons with your HAND OVER the buttons?

    With my Logitech Pro mouse, my thumb can barely handle the 4 buttons I have there, plus the usual 2 buttons & wheel.

    There is where the keyboard or another controller comes in handy. Speaking of which, I actually HAVE This device:

    Which I haven't used in years... hmmm wonder if it'll owrk on Windows 7. I haven't used it in over 10 years... I use about 16 keys on my keyboard + mouse, so I think I found it more in the way than anything else. Its a left-handed movable base controller. So while the "mouse" area moves in 8 basic directions, its attached to a base so it doesn't actually go anywhere. So that can replace the WASD keys, but I think its TOO slow for many players. I use my mouse to control movements (LB forward, RB rev) and move movements for direction. Keyboard is for shooting, inv. weapons... etc.

    Another ODD MS joystick I have...
    Notice how it looks like someone took the TWO Wii controllers and attached them together! This thing was made around 2000/2001. You were supposed to control 3D space movement right the right controller, which meant the left one moved all over the place... and worse, the movement was very restricted.