Apple updates iMac, intros iTunes 6

It was not just the video iPod that was announced today by Apple. CEO Steve Jobs also demonstrated an upgraded and refreshed iMac that now integrates the firm's iSight video camera as well as a remote control. The company also launched a new version of its iTunes software that now offers access to about 2000 music videos, Pixar short films as well as TV shows.

The new iMacs are taking the role of Apple's media PC offering and are offered for $1300 in a 1.9 GHz G5 configuration with a 17" LCD. $400 more buys a 2.1 GHz processor and a 20" screen. Both models integrate a DL DVD burner, 512 MByte DDR2-533 memory, a 160 GByte or 250 GByte harddrive, a Radeon X600 Pro or XT graphics chip, as well as Wi-Fi and Gigabit Ethernet capability. The remote control comes as standard feature and allows users to launch audio and video playback from up to 30 ft away.