At $621 Billion, Apple is Most Valuable Company Ever

Apple closed Monday trading at $665.15, up $17.04 or 2.63 percent from Friday. The market cap landed at $623.53 billion. The previous record holder was Microsoft, which peaked on December 30, 1999 at $660 billion. Microsoft is valued at $257.1 billion today.

There are still analysts who believe that Apple has plenty of room to grow. Craig Berger from FBR Capital Markets said that he believes that Apple could sell 250 million iPhone 5 handsets. He expects that the device will deliver a profit of about $47 billion for Apple. The new phone is expected to launch on September 12, with sales starting on September 21.

Apple's valuation is well ahead of other industry giants such as GE ($221.0 billion) or Exxon Mobil ($406.0 billion). It is unfortunate that Steve Jobs was not given the time to enjoy this day, which surely would have been reason to reflect on the day he was fired from the company he co-founded. Another moment also worth looking back on is from April 21, 1997 when Steve Jobs answered a rude question from a person in the audience who carried the general sentiment that Jobs was not up to the task to lead Apple into a new era.

If we have learned something, then it is clearly the fact that Jobs's vision of a cohesive product environment resonates with consumers and is the foundation for huge financial success.

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  • iHype
  • Benthon
    Love or hate, the Apple company has come a long way since that rude comment in 1997.
  • "At $621 Billion, Apple is Most Valuable Company Ever"...
    "The previous record holder was Microsoft, which peaked on December 30, 1999 at $660 billion."

    Most valuable company ever?
  • you guys should be reading zerohedge dot com for you financial news. It's a good antidote to the typical coverage (sheeple, muppets...)
  • COLGeek
    Hard to "iHate" this measure of success. Now, let the bashing commence.

    Good for Apple, IMHO.
  • lathe26
    Perhaps I should buy when the stock hits 666...
  • sacre
    Apple is doing something right. Their closed system pisses me off, but its a pleasure to use at times. I build my own W7 systems, and am using one right now and wouldn't buy myself an iMac or w/e. But I would never buy a W7 phone. Android, sure.

    People can scream "isheep" all they want, but facts are facts. This company is doing something right to be making a fortune and at the same time keeping their customers happy.

    Blue sucker, red sucker, we all have our own taste.
  • freggo
    It is a 'paper' value only, and not corrected for inflation.
    But what do most Journalists know about math and economics...

    The company has no hard assets except for a shiny office building, no manufacturing. The majority of it's suppliers are overseas and so are the majority of the jobs the business created. Talk about a disservice the the US economy and our Import/Export balance sheets with Korea and China.

  • hotroderx
    I am going to come out and say it... Toms I understand u might like apple a lot thats ok to each there own but making blatantly wrong statements is just wrong.

    The title reads "At $621 Billion, Apple is Most Valuable Company Ever"

    Where in the article you state
    The previous record holder was Microsoft, which peaked on December 30, 1999 at $660 billion. Microsoft is valued at $257.1 billion today

    Toms is really starting to ruin there reputation as a news source. I wanted to read apple fanism then I would go hit up a Apple Forum. I personally prefer to get unbiased news that is complete and accurate.

    Not the gibberish I seen lately either your amateur news bloggers are your serious Journalist. I think its time to decide and I think its only right you do for people who do read toms news.
  • halcyon
    Apple and their products are okay.