Many Options Within Arctic's F14 Fan Family

Arctic announced its new F14 fan series, which consists of six new 140 mm fans with a wide variety of features.

Although these fans are all part of the same series, they have little in common. The only two unifying traits of the F14 series are the physical size and six-year warranty. All six fans measure 140 x 140 x 27mm (LxWxH).

Most of the fans use fluid dynamic bearings, but the F14 PWM PST CO uses dual ball bearings. The two most unique fans in the list are the F14 Silent and F14 TC; the F14 Silent spins at a lower 800RPM than other fans in the F14 series (which range from 960 to 1,350RPM), but it is significantly quieter at 0.08 Sone. The F14 TC is unique in that it utilizes a temperature sensor to adjust its speed. This fan operates between 960 and 1,350RPM and can adjusts its speed to keep the case between 32-38 degrees C. If the temperature drops below 32C, then the fan will shut off entirely.

The F14 PWM, F14 PWM PST, and F14 PWM PST CO fans are also designed to cut out when the PWM signal sent to them drops below 40%. This keeps your PC relatively silent when it is idle and helps to keep the system cool when at full load.

The F14 series fans are available now, with the exception of the F14 TC, which is expected to launch at the end of October.

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Arctic F14 Fan Series
ModelF14F14 SilentF14 TCF14 PWMF14 PWM PSTF14 PWM PST CO
Fan Speed1300 RPM800 RPM960 - 1350 RPM1350 RPM
Noise Level0.3 Sone0.08 Sone0.3 Sone (@ 1200 RPM)
Control TypeFixed SpeedTemperature ControlPWMPST
BearingsFluid Dynamic BearingsDual Ball Bearing
Warranty6 Years
Michael Justin Allen Sexton is a Contributing Writer for Tom's Hardware US. He covers hardware component news, specializing in CPUs and motherboards.
  • firefoxx04
    My experience with Arctic products is that they are of low quality. No thanks.
  • floppyedonkey
    My experience with Arctic products is that they are a great bang for the buck and innovative.
  • brianhojensorensen
    @FIREFOXX04 Interesting, I have had several Arctic products for both CPU, GPU, as well as case fans. They have all been working perfectly and silently for years. If I were to buy new stuff, I would start at the Arctic website.

    Of course you have had a different experience, and that shouldn't be disregarded (I might just have been lucky).
  • hojnikb
    Are they going to offer 12cm versions as well ?
    I would kill for a 12cm fan, that would shut off at 40% pwm.
  • MonkeyEvolved
    Just bought a couple of 80mm Arctic Fans as exhaust fans in my case and they are working great - purchased only because they were fantastically cheap with high rated CFM. So good bang for your buck I'd say - way too many over rated regular fans out there I'd say.
  • thomas8716
    $0.36 is still far more expensive than the capacity enterprise HDD pricing ($0.05). SSD could eventually take over mobile&desktop HDD but it is unlikely to take over capacity enterprise HDD which has been widely used in cloud storage. HDD will survive at least two more decades.