Arduino Science Kit Taps Google to Help Middle Schoolers Learn

Arduino, the open-source hardware and software platform, has partnered with Google to create the Arduino Science Kit Physics Lab. Released today, it's designed especially for middle schoolers ages 11-14 and features nine physics experiments that explore the topics of thermodynamics, kinetics, electromagnetism and kinematics. 

Two students are meant to share a single kit, which offers a series of plug-and-play projects based on classic carnival rides, such as Electric Fortune Teller and Haunted House Theremin. Data from the whimsically named experiments can be logged onto the Google Science Journal Android app (not Apple iOS yet). It also works with Google Classroom, which lets students share their work with others.

Of course, each kit comes with an Arduino board, in this case the Arduino MKR WiFi 1010. There's also a carrier board, various cables, a magnet and Velcro accessories. There are also 2 PCB sticks and a PCB encoder, plus M8 screws and bolts, rubber bands a miniature slinky spring and silicone gaskets in two different sizes. Each kit also comes equipped with the necessary sensors, light and temperature, to complete the projects.  

A power source is not included, so users will have to supply their own LiPo battery or power bank to run the board.

The Arduino Science Kit Physics Lab is available now for $199 each, which comes out to $1,990 for a class of 20 students. 

Arduino offers boards and kits for DIY STEM enthusiasts and their children.

Photo Credits: Alberto Morici/Arduino