ARM Announces Free Pre-Commercialization Access To Cortex-M0 And $995 FPGA

To streamline embedded SoC design, ARM announced that it's now making available its Cortex-M0 IP for free in the pre-commercialization stage, and it will offer an option to buy a cheap FPGA for prototyping as well.

The new package is available through ARM's DesignStart portal and includes:

A Cortex-M0 processor and System Design Kit (SDK), featuring system IP, peripherals, test bench and softwareA free 90 day license for the full suite of ARM Keil® MDK development tools.

The package will enable chip makers to design, simulate and test new SoCs using a pre-configured Cortex-M0 processor without incurring the much higher expenses typically associated with up-front licensing. There's also an option available to begin the prototyping stage with an ARM Versatile Express FPGA development board that only costs $995.

"By offering the Cortex-M0 processor IP in a low cost package, ARM is making it far easier for companies to create their own SoCs," said Dermot Barry, vice president, semiconductor solutions, S3 Group. "By using proven mixed signal IP from S3 Group and ARM processor IP, our customers have already reduced their bill of materials by up to 90 percent."

When the chip makers are ready to begin the commercialization process, they can purchase a simplified and standardized $40,000 fast track license. This option includes ARM Cortex-M0 processor IP, SDK, and Keil MDK development tools, as well as ARM technical support.

Thanks to the free pre-commercialization access to the Cortex-M0 IP, now ARM can reach a broader range of developers, from startups to established vendors of embedded chips, while also making it easier and faster for them to move into full production.

“We anticipate a significant move to custom SoC development, particularly for Internet of Things applications," said Julian Kingsbury, vice president, Asia Pacific, Sondrel. “ARM is the low-power processor of choice for IoT and we are delighted to work with them to help bring the benefits of custom SoCs to startups and OEMs alike."


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  • ZolaIII
    To earn 41000$ you have to sell a lot of embedded controls or IoT thingies.
    Somehow they are not actually pushing it to embedded world of microcontrollers & Taiwan facility produced nothing from time it's operating. Not to mention lack of products based on M7 that is best energy friendly 32 bit core that can be used & as general purpose one. On the other hand Synopsis is doing much better job in this aria pushing as traditionally MIPS.