Asus' All in One, Do Everything Machine

Photo Copyright: Einfach-Eee.dePhoto Copyright: Einfach-Eee.deAsus made a big showing this year at CES, but don't expect just motherboards and Eee PCs. The company had on display a brand new media server, called the Asus D200, and pretty much will do everything except flush the toilet for you.

The new D200 wants to do everything for you: NAS, router, media server, and general all around computing duties. 1 to 4 TB of HDD space? Got that. 802.11n networking? Got that. 2 GB of RAM and Atom processor? Got that too. A nice touch on the D200 is the integrated touch screen, which you can use to configure the router, NAS and other home media functions--definitely beats logging into a web interface constantly.

The D200 does come with a DVI out for video duties. We have to wonder where the HDMI port is though, if the D200 is to be used as a true HTPC. Asus?

According to reports, the D200 will ship this quarter for a price of $600.

Check out the full report on Einfach Eee (German).

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  • zodiacfml
    hdmi is not there because it doesn't have muscle to play HD video properly.
  • falchard
    Great idea, I like it.
  • mforce2
    Well it's good but for this proce you could buid a quality mini-ITX system using a dual core AMD CPU and a AMD chipset with HD acceleration which probable beats the sh*t out of this thing.
    Still cool though , I like the idea and I think there's certainly a target for this.