Asus' All in One, Do Everything Machine

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Asus made a big showing this year at CES, but don't expect just motherboards and Eee PCs. The company had on display a brand new media server, called the Asus D200, and pretty much will do everything except flush the toilet for you.

The new D200 wants to do everything for you: NAS, router, media server, and general all around computing duties. 1 to 4 TB of HDD space? Got that. 802.11n networking? Got that. 2 GB of RAM and Atom processor? Got that too. A nice touch on the D200 is the integrated touch screen, which you can use to configure the router, NAS and other home media functions--definitely beats logging into a web interface constantly.

The D200 does come with a DVI out for video duties. We have to wonder where the HDMI port is though, if the D200 is to be used as a true HTPC. Asus?

According to reports, the D200 will ship this quarter for a price of $600.

Check out the full report on Einfach Eee (German).

  • zodiacfml
    hdmi is not there because it doesn't have muscle to play HD video properly.
  • falchard
    Great idea, I like it.
  • mforce2
    Well it's good but for this proce you could buid a quality mini-ITX system using a dual core AMD CPU and a AMD chipset with HD acceleration which probable beats the sh*t out of this thing.
    Still cool though , I like the idea and I think there's certainly a target for this.
  • PrangeWay
    Yeah atom struggles to play DVD's let alone a BlueRay
  • joebob2000
    Tons of space, integrated router/server functions, built in touchscreen, good good good. Intel Atom cpu,


    If I wanted a box that wasnt strong enough to play HD video, I would get one on ebay for < $100. If it's going to look that good, but have to sit next to an ACTUAL computer in my media center in order for me to watch 1080p movies... what on earth is the point of that?
  • DVI -> HDMI cables are pretty common. I don't see what the problem is.
  • iammacgyver
    Whats wrong with logging into a web interface to configure something? I never thought process an over exhausting one... in fact, much the opposite.