Computex: Asus 10-inch Eee PC Launches

Asus today officially launched its new Eee PC 901 and 1000 of ultra mobile PCs (UMPCs). The new units come equipped with solid state drives that range from 12GB to 40GB depending on the model. The new models take on the success of last Eee PC models, which have gained a huge level of popularity among serious users, travelers and casual users alike.

Newest to the line up is the Eee PC 1000, which is Asus’ top end Eee PC model. Two Eee PC 1000 models launched: Eee PC 1000 and Eee PC 1000H, with the difference being that the 1000 has a 40GB SSD drive and the 1000H has a regular 80GB drive. Both units are equipped with 10-inch displays and support up to 2GB of memory.

The Eee PC 901 is a smaller unit with a 8.9-inch display and supports a 12GB SSD drive for Windows XP Home. Users who opt to go for the Linux version get a 20GB SSD. The Eee PC 901 only supports 1GB of memory.

In terms of sizes, the Eee PC 1000 is slightly larger than the original Eee PC 701 and even the new 901. Because of the size difference, the 1000 weighs in at 3.19-pounds while the 901 weighs in at roughly just 2-pounds.

All three units will be powered by Intel’s Atom processor which we reported on last week. Asus said that all three units will come with Super Hybrid Engine, which is a power saving feature that monitors and changes CPU frequency, voltage and screen brightness on the fly to save power. On the most aggressive settings, Asus said that HSE can give users up to 7.8 hours of battery life.

  • nicemachines
    Why is it so hard to find these netbooks? Seems like Asus likes to do alot of advertising at Computex, but where's the stuff here in America?
    I see NO testing done on these. Would like to know what's faster, the one with SSD of the one with the Hard Drive?