CES '09: Asus' New Line of Ultra-sexy Laptops

Notebooks are all the rage these days, becoming increasingly smaller, more light weight, and just overall faster and better. It's no wonder notebook sales have taken over desktop sales recently.

Not one to stand around and go with what everyone else is doing, Asus showed off a line of notebooks still in going through prototyping stages. Although there's no firm name on what the new line will be called, we think the new units will be a hit, especially when we saw them with our own eyes.

Asus is using a new folding laptop concept and although currently notebooks also technically "fold" when closing, the new Asus notebooks are super thin, and have pop-up keyboards that lay flush down into the chassis when closed. The new designs are very futuristic and we'd love to get our hands on a few of these units. Going heavily on exterior design, the new notebooks have internal lighting when opened, but the design is done tastefully.

Asus did not divulge details on when these units would be released. Click on the images to check out the gallery!

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  • fulle
    These look nice. Very slim, sleek, and while the folding keyboard on that incline is sorta gimmicky, its a gimmick that results in a more comfortable keyboard...

    Asus has made some nice laptops lately. I just wish they would refresh the G50 series' aesthetics ASAP.