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Asus Implies AMD's X570S Arrives in Q3: Fanless Motherboards Incoming

(Image credit: Asus)

AMD's X570 platform has numerous advantages, but it also has one key disadvantage: the X570 chipset gets hot under load and requires active cooling. AMD has developed a new revision of the chipset — the X570S — that does not require a high-performance active cooling system, but the company hasn't released a formal launch window. Fortunately, this week Asustek's ROG division hinted that the boards will arrive in Q3 2021. 

Asus currently has two AMD X570-based ROG motherboards: the ROG Crosshair VIII Hero and the ROG Strix X570. Both platforms are equipped with rather sophisticated cooling systems with fans that tend to get noisy and annoying. Asus can't really talk about AMD's plans for the X570S product, but it can talk about its ROG Crosshair VIII Hero and ROG Strix X570 motherboards with passive cooling that it says are now due to be released in Q3. 

A tweet published by the ROG Global team clearly implies on AMD X570S-based motherboards with fanless cooling coming in Q3 2021, but naturally does not name AMD's unreleased product.

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Asus is usually among the first to announce motherboards on the latest chipsets (after all, Asus is primarily known for its motherboards), so it is logical to assume that AMD will launch its X570S platform in the third quarter. 

It is important to keep in mind that AMD's X570 does not mandate active cooling. For example, the Asus ROG Crosshair VIII Dark Hero (pictured above) only uses a massive radiator to cool down its chipset. So, there is still a small chance that Asus' upcoming motherboards are based on a 'regular' X570 chipset. 

It is also necessary to note that AMD's X570S will likely be the company's last high-end platform for its AM4 socket as AMD's Zen 4-powered APUs and CPUs are set to use a new socket. To that end, AMD's X570S chipset may not only be cooler than its predecessor, but it may also add certain features that will ensure the longevity of the existing platform.

  • TheJoker2020
    "AMD's X570 platform has numerous advantages, but it also has one key disadvantage: the X570 chipset gets hot under load and requires active cooling. "

    No it doesn't... unless you are running NVMe RAID and hammering the I/O.

    The average user never* has the fan spin up, and those that do are hammering I/O on the chipset.

    * Never* unless the motherboard has literally no airflow AND the I/O via the chipset is being used to a reasonably degree. According to the people on this very forum, almost all of them have never known their fan to spin up.
  • Conahl
    i have had my x570 and 3900x for over a year now, and have never heard it, the fans on my NHd15 are louder, and they are at 100%
  • Makaveli
    Agreed with you both haven't heard the chipset fan yet and been on x570 since Dec 2019.
  • endocin3
    There is no radiator on the x570 chipset on the Asus Dark, its just a heatsink. The fan noise is inaudible on most if not all x570 boards.

    The real improvement is the chipset operating at lower power in the forthcoming boards