Asus Preps Desktop Version of the Eee PC for Launch

Details of Asus’s desktop version of its Eee PC are beginning to emerge, and appears to be Apple TV sized small.

Asus has dubbed the Eee PC’s desktop sibling, the Eee Box, and will come with Linux or Microsoft Windows XP. Initial samples being passed around feature an Intel Atom 1.6 GHz processor, Intel 945G chipset, 1 GB of DDR2-667, 2.5” 160 GB 5,400-rpm hard drive, Gigabit Ethernet, 802.11n wireless, and Bluetooth. No optical drive is built-in due to the size of the form-factor. However, a multimedia card reader will be built-in, and will allow Multimedia Cards, Secure Digital, and Memory Sticks. At launch Asus will make available a wide range of configurations to suit the users needs.

The entry-level unit is reported to run a Linux operating system and will house an 80 GB hard drive. The estimated cost should be in the neighborhood of $328 USD. However, details regarding the configuration of the entry-level unit were not revealed.

Initial impressions have been relatively positive. While the unit will not boast any speed records, it will definitely deal with the daily chores of surfing the web, checking email, and office applications. Success of the product will ultimately depend on how well Asus can priced the machine. The Eee Box is expected to launch very soon at this year’s Computex.

Asus took the sub notebook market by storm last year with the company’s Eee PC due to its price relatively low price. Currently the Eee PC can be picked up at Best Buy at $399, and features a Celeron M processor, 512 MB of memory, 4 GB NAND memory, and a 7” widescreen, all running under Windows XP or Linux.

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  • virtualban
    Now watch all those beautiful faces that say something like "new hardware era, why not Vista" or "if your computer can't handle Vista, go get a new one because hardware nowadays can"... Really, I'm an Anti-Vista fanboy, I hate the way it looks, the way if feels, the way I have to go from side to side of the screen when performing simple tasks (when I need to troubleshoot it, no way Vista is going to make it into my house, and no Laptop of any generation will make me bear it just because XP drivers won't work properly), the way which some keyboard shortcuts are replaced by mouse clicks (like in the "no way to use them because of window formation", not in the "they're not working" version), etc. etc. etc...
  • virtualban
    Now slap those faces!!! Go Linux! Go Eee!