Asustor NAS Now Compatible with Asus Xonar Series USB DAC

Asustor has announced the integration of its Network Attached Storage (NAS) devices with USB digital-to-analog audio converter (DAC) models from Asus to give you a greater listening experience.  Previously, users could plug headphones or speakers directly into their NAS device for multimedia purposes.  Now, connecting a compatible USB DAC device to their NAS helps speakers and headphones reach their full potential and allow users to enjoy an increased musical experience.  Teaming with Asustor’s own SoundsGood music player app, connecting a USB DAC device effectively brings out stronger bass and other musical enhancements. 

 “Asustor has made great efforts to support the increasing multimedia demands of NAS users by providing compatibility for a wide range of peripherals. With this integration of USB DAC devices, Asustor users will be able to savor a fully enhanced hi-fi listening experience when playing music from their NAS,” said Steve Huang, Product Manager at Asustor.

With users always looking to enhance their multimedia experience, this new feature is available on all Asustor NAS models.  The compatible ASUS USB DAC models include theXonar Essence III, XonarEssence One, XonarEssence STU, and Xonar U3.