'Battlefield 1' Winter Update Adds Ribbons, Elite Codices, Increases Class Rank Cap

Another free update is now available to all Battlefield 1 players. The details of the so-called “Winter Update” were revealed yesterday on the Battlefield Twitch channel, and it includes a higher level cap for classes, more ways to earn experience, and additional server features.

The Ribbons system, which was featured in other Battlefield titles, makes a return. You can obtain these special commendations by completing specific challenges or objectives. With each Ribbon, you obtain 300 experience points. Previous installments in the series featured a multitude of Ribbons, but Battlefield 1 will have a small number (20) on hand with the update. DICE will also take suggestions from players in regards to additional Ribbons in the future. Another way to gain experience is through Elite Codices. The game’s eight primary weapons all feature an Elite Codex that features background information on the weapon. Obtaining the codex gives you 25,000 experience points, but you need to have 500 kills with the primary weapon to get it.

On top of all the new experience points, you’ll also have to work your way to the new level cap for each class. In the past, each class had only 10 ranks, but many players already reached that level. To that end, DICE increased the level cap to 50, which should encourage fans to keep playing the game for some time.

If you’re renting a server from EA for the game, the new update will also provide additional functionality in two ways. If there are unwanted players in a match, you can kick them from the game or even ban them entirely. You can also implement a feature that will allow players to vote on the map for the next game with two random options available at the end of the round.

For the full details on the update, including the numerous fixes and changes to gameplay, you can read the lengthy patch notes. In addition to this update, players can also expect upcoming content as early as next month. In January, DICE revealed “They Shall Not Pass,” the game’s first major expansion that includes new maps, weapons, vehicles, and an Elite Class.

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    I wait for the games to be on sale 2 weeks ago BOTH B-1 and T-2 Deluxe ones for 75$. It even came on and said aren't you the Smart one. Funny I saved a ton of $$$