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'Battlefield 4' Gets Dark With 'Night Operations'

The multiplayer maps in Battlefield 4 can be intimidating due to their size and scope. Combat is waged on land, air and sea by large teams with a vast selection of weapons and vehicles. However, the developers at DICE believe it can throw one more curveball into the mix by giving players a new challenge — fighting in the night with the Night Operations DLC.

It's easy to notice incoming threats during daytime such as a wave of enemy soldiers or a buzzing attack helicopter. Under the cover of darkness, the difficulty is increased. One of the new maps is Zavod: Graveyard Shift, a night version of the Zavod 311 tank factory map that players know well for its run-down buildings, underground passageways and large forests surrounding the compound. In the evening, only a few lights are illuminated, leaving players to guess where opponents might be hiding.

There is a bit of help in terms of equipment. New content comes in the form of night vision goggles to make combat easier, as well as flares that can be used to either mark a specific location, or to blind enemies that use night vision. Vehicles can still be used, but an extra warning goes out to aerial units. Flying at night not only provides poor visibility for pilots, but the flashing lights on a helicopter make it an easy target for soldiers with anti-aircraft weapons.

For now, those are all the details that EA is willing to dish out. However, it's expected that more news is coming soon with a release slated for September. If that wasn't enough, Night Operations will be free to all players, allowing everyone to experience nighttime warfare with the company's landmark shooter franchise.

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  • Dry Bones
    Zavod is a pain in HC already, having darkness fall in will only make it even more intense. Regardless, yay, free for everyone! (that owns the game) It should be fun in normal games.
  • n00dl3
    Does anyone even play Beta-field 4 still? The game + hardline has just ruined the battlefield gaming franchise.
  • spagalicious
    Does anyone even play Beta-field 4 still? The game + hardline has just ruined the battlefield gaming franchise.

    Actually, no one really plays Hardline on the PC. Just looked at bf4stats and BF4 has ~34,000 peak players compared to Hardline's ~3600...
  • metathias
    Glad hardline bombed. It was basicly pro police state propaganda.
  • Urzu1000
    I still play BF4 regularly. This looks pretty fun, especially considering that I use heat vision scopes and flash grenades as is. I do have a mild issue with one line of the article though, "The multiplayer maps in Battlefield 4 can be intimidating due to their size and scope." is definitely relative.

    The maps are larger than many games, but they aren't necessarily what I would call intimidating in size. I do however, approve of the scope pun, intentional or not.