Tom's Guide: 10 Best New Chrome Apps

Google's got a ton of applications for Chrome, but which ones are the best? The Tom's Guide team has taken a look at some of the new additions to the Chrome Web Store and made a list of the best 10. Check out '10 Best New Chrome Apps' for the full list!

If you haven't been taking Chrome seriously as a viable computing platform, it's time to take another look. Google has launched Chrome Apps (available on the Chrome Web Store), which aim to function like native desktop apps and function both online and offline. You don't even need to launch a browser to launch these apps; just fire up the new Chrome App Launcher. While this interesting mix of web and native architectures is currently only available on Windows and Chrome OS machines, Google plans a release to Mac and Linux in the near future. Here are the 10 best new Chrome Apps so far.10 Best New Chrome Apps

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  • dalethepcman
    Chrome os is dead. I have a chromebook and I would rather use Windows RT for business applications or Android for personal use / casual browsing.

    Off topic but related. Why are these "list" articles still published in this format?

    Users come here for information, having to click through 10 pages with 40 words per page where is should be 2 pages with 5 picks and 200 words per page makes me look at the landing page, hope the format has changed then write up these types of comments.