We're Hiring and We Want You!

Do you want to contribute but only until now have just been reading? Do you feel you have what it takes to interact with the demanding Tom's Hardware and Tom's Guide crowd? If so, then we may have the position for you!

What we're looking for is a community manager--someone who knows their way around the internet jungle. Someone who's bent on taking hot topics and is willing to not only spread the word, but absorb feedback from the community in an effort to make things better. If you think you have the finesse, the aptitude and the hardware and gadget tech knowledge to be a voice, you may be the one.

The ideal community manager must possess a cunning ability to build communities and gather people's attention. The person in question must also be able to withstand forum and social hurricanes that routinely pass through and walk out of the storm unscuffed.

If you think this description is talking about you, check out our job posting and apply today!

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    Aside from this position, please hire someone who checks for grammar and spelling on all articles before they are published. And please, redesign the site - it's disgustingly cluttered the way it sits currently.
  • liquidblue
    Best of luck to whomever gets the position. I'm sure we will all be waiting here to harass you. :)
  • Atticah
    can this "person" run crysis?
  • Other Comments
  • Gin Fushicho
    School gets in the way unfortunately. Only thing listed I'd be good at is taking care of the Forums and taking what people say into consiederation to make the place better.
  • liquidsnake718
    I like to bring up discussions and comment on articles that are compelling enough for both the casual hardware/pc user to the silicon heads.

    The only thing is I’m in another country, is it possible to work from home or office? I’m 12 hours opposite the Eastern Standard time.... I can also help make this site even more user friendly.Would we get a free subscription to reuters or the AP?
  • megamanx00
    "withstand forum and social hurricanes" huh? I think that would be a daily thing around here :D.