Bethesda Now Seeking Playtesters for Unreleased Games

Polygon reports that Bethesda is currently looking for playtesters in the Dallas/Fort Worth area to test upcoming and released games, but the studio will also gladly accept applications from anyone in the United States. Potential testers will typically get an hour or two of play time, and are required to provide their own transportation to the facility.

According to the studio, potential testers must be 18 years or older, and show a valid government issued photo ID evidencing that they are at least 18 years old on the date of the play test. Candidates also cannot participate if they work for a video game developer, or publisher, or are journalists who review video games (drat).

"Participation in a play test is strictly on a voluntary basis and is not a paid position, nor does it qualify as employment. You may, however, receive games or swag in connection with your participation in the play test," the rules state. "We are looking for players of all skill levels and gaming backgrounds. It is important for us to know how the game feels for everyone, so even if you are not very good at video games you can still apply."

Those who are accepted will be required to sign a non-disclosure agreement. They must also provide a valid email address on the application so that the company can make contact regarding play testing opportunities. Currently, the company is only accepting individuals located in the United States; international applications will not be accepted at this time.

So what unreleased games will Bethesda offer testers? If they're lucky, DOOM 4, but the lineup may include Wolfenstein: The New Order, The Elder Scrolls Online, The Evil Within and so on. That's speculation of course, and there's likely some gameplay action going on with games the company has yet to announce. Sounds like fun!

To sign up as a Bethesda playtester, head here.

  • vmem
    hmm, I can get 'swag' for doing this :D

    wish I lived in Dallas
  • Mousemonkey
    Why is this article posted on the UK site if it's only for the US?
  • megamanxtreme
    4-hour drive from Houston, but what day? Hoping to be off that day.
  • Fingers crossed! No where near Texas but who knows.
  • Parsian
    Apparently they are going after CryEngine and already have a game,in their pipeline
  • f-14
    i've done this for select EA Sports games for over a decade when i found out they had an office in my city. the entire perimeter of the facility is setup with multiplayer gaming in mind with the center zone and individual work stations between game stations to work on issues as they arise while developing the games.

    there is also a Blizzard office not too far away on the opposite side of the city as well that is set up in the same manner but in a warehouse. i found both of these places in 2 days while doing some contract work for one of their suppliers and have enjoyed what little time i get to experiment on. i can say i have found more than a few cheats/exploits in features of the games that had to be fixed or sadly eliminated from some games if they couldn't be fixed in 3 days or less. two of the engineers still working there groan when they find me there playing.

    sorry Ben, sorry Paul, it's all Kens fault, he made me do it!
  • knowom
    I'd be a lot more interested in them seeking game developers or something to do texturing or something like this.
  • cypeq
    *Raises hand eyes are getting big and shinny, tiny tear squeezes out*
  • jscynder
    Why would they ask for ESO playtesters when the beta has been going on for nearly a year? but we could hope for things like a real Fallout 4 XD
  • RupertJr
    people has to spend time and money to test games for them for free so they can earn lots of money later? that does not sound reasonable for me...