Bethesda Updates Doom and Doom II With Support for 60FPS, Add-Ons

(Image credit: Bethesda)

Never let it be said that Bethesda doesn't support its games after launch. The company announced yesterday that it updated Doom and Doom II, the first-person shooters that were released in 1993 and '94, with a slew of modern features.

Bethesda said the updates apply to every version of Doom and Doom II it's released in recent years--that includes the Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and Nintendo Switch as well as iOS and Android devices. The company said it's also finally releasing these versions of the titles on PC (hooray!) via the game launcher (sigh).

The headline update brings Doom and Doom II  into the modern era with support for 60 frames per second (FPS) gameplay. Both were originally locked to just 35FPS, which might have seemed like a lot in the '90s, but which might have made the gameplay seem a bit off to people who've gotten used to playing on 144Hz displays. 

Bethesda also introduced add-on support for both games. The company explained:

Add-on Support: Add-ons can now be downloaded and played from the main menu. We will continue to add content that is a mixture of official DOOM and DOOM 2 add-ons, as well as some of the best community episodes and megawads released for the original DOOM games. We’ve curated the initial list and will be asking you guys for your picks for best community made wads soon! Check out the FAQ below for more info!  

Those FAQs can be found in the forum post detailing this update. Bethesda said it also introduced several other modern features such as level select, quick saving and a weapon wheel, among other things; changed some of the graphics to match Doom's original DOS release; and fixed numerous issues with the games. 

Nathaniel Mott
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