No LAN for Diablo III Too?

Recently Blizzard revealed that StarCraft II will not offer LAN support when the first installment hits the market by the end of the year. Although the company cited piracy and security problems, Blizzard's overall plan is to make the multiplayer destination for all of its games. With that said, the news that Diablo III may not offer LAN support should not be quite as shocking. In fact, gamers should count on Blizzard not supporting LAN from now on.

Strangely enough, the comments made by Blizzard Community Manager "Bashiok" in regards to LAN support were deleted from the Blizzard forums. However, this website managed to grab the discussion before mysterious forces magically eradicated the topic. His response was actually sparked by one commenter complaining that removing LAN support only hurts legitimate buyers. After all, pirates will take the time to reverse engineer the game and enable LAN support anyway. Bashiok didn't seem to agree.

"More so than overbearing/invasive anti-piracy measures that would affect everyone who buys the game regardless of how they're going to play it instead of just those that may want a LAN feature?" Bashiok responded. "I would doubt it. I don't know a lot about it, Diablo III isn't really facing the brunt of the 2.0 features just yet, but I think that removing LAN in an attempt to avoid more severe anti-piracy measures is pretty cool. We're saying 'Hey, we're pretty sure you're going to love our game. The multiplayer is really the best part though. In order to get in on that that we'd just like to make sure you bought the game. Cool?'"

While LAN is highly unlikely, Activision Blizzard made it perfectly clear that consumers who purchase StarCraft II (and more than likely Diablo III) will have the ability to play on with no additional fee. Although Diablo and Diablo II offered LAN support, consumers who purchased either title could play multiplayer games online via free without an additional fee.

  • christop
    That sucks......
  • BeAuMaN
    If I recall correctly... wasn't there a newsbit a while back about how was going to start "monetizing" certain features? I'm curious as to what features they're going to monetize... because if it's anything related to what we now consider basic online play from WarCraft III and Diablo II... cutting out LAN is a real good way to get everyone to pay for it.
  • Raidur
    NOT cool. What about those of us who LAN w/o internet? I have been to a number of LANs which didn't have an internet connection. And the 2 most anticipated games by us are only going to be playable on internet capable LANs only??? (not to mention those stuck on dialup and have a LAN at home) NOT cool at ALL. That smells like 5 sale losses right there, and 1 download from the pirate community. Marvelous!
  • mcnuggetofdeath
    Screw Blizzard. Not buying that game. Wanted to, but I shouldnt have to rely on someone else's server to enjoy a product I purchased.
  • the_one111
    First the butchering of the Warcraft world by the greasy claws of greed and now this?

    So much for me buying starcraft 2/Diablo 3. Stop smoking the weed blizzard.

  • h0llow
    uhh correct me if im wrong but can't people just make a dummy server out of a pc somehow anyways? even though it'd take work to do it, a pc, and probably some hair yanking. then surely can't be too bad.. hm.. don't know. never truly played on a LAN before really so i can't speak out. has to be some sort of way though.
  • ph3412b07
    First there's no LAN support, then eventually is going to have a monthly fee. Obviously they'd lose everything if they didn't offer free play at hook in the suckers. I'm done with Blizzard, they're not getting a cent more out of me.
  • tayb
    Congratulations pirates. You managed to convince Blizzard that in order to secure revenue from these two games and fight piracy they need to force customers to use to authenticate each game. I find it even more ironic that the people here at Toms Hardware get mad at this while at the same time admit and boast about their illegal downloading habits whenever TPB or RIAA articles come up. You keep breaking into my house I'll get a nice fancy alarm. You don't have the right to get pissed about the alarm. Only the neighbors who get woken up by the alarm have the right to get pissed. You thieves need to sit here and reap what you sowed. You've ruined it for the legitimate buyers.
  • The_Blood_Raven
    So no starcraft 2 for me and now no diablo 3 for me either? Oh well.
  • efeat
    Well, at least this makes my game purchasing decisions rather simple. Every couple weeks, me and 4-5 other guys get together and spend a day lanning. If Blizzard no longer supports LAN games, then I have no choice but to no longer support Blizzard. It's as simple as that.