Patch For 'Bloodborne' To Introduce The League Faction; New Weapon Teased For 'The Old Hunters' Expansion

The PlayStation 4-exclusive Bloodborne has been out for less than a year, and at the Tokyo Game Show in September, an expansion for the game was announced called The Old Hunters. It doesn't come out until November 24, but Maasaki Yamagiwa, one of the game's producers, teased more details about the new content on the PlayStation Blog.

Specifically, Yamagiwa showed off a new weapon called the Holy Moonlight Sword (what a name). Fans were treated to a single picture of the weapon in all its shiny, blue glory hoisted by a hooded figure. However, no specifics about the stats or background lore of the weapon was revealed.

But in the same announcement, there was also talk of an upcoming update that would affect all players, whether they plan to buy The Old Hunters or skip it entirely. It will include a new group of non-playable characters (NPCs) called The League, led by a mysterious figure wearing a constable's uniform along with a bucket helmet (classy).

If the player decides to ally themselves with The League, they can help out other players online, but more importantly, they can participate in The League's online leaderboard. Benefits for your character also include the ability to use the trademark League cane and also summon NPCs to your side, which is really helpful during those tough, yet fair, boss battles.


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  • BrutalAttis
    I know allot of people loved this game, but I truly hate 30 FPS. I played Dark Souls 1 & 2 and their earlier Demons Souls … loved them all. But after playing on the PC at 60+FPS, I just could not do 30 FPS anymore. I am not happy that we could never play this title on the PC. The only other issue I can ding them on is not being able to do co-op in the true sense of the word with a good friend. Random multiplayer is cool and all but I long to be able to play co-op with a good friend. I felt quite a bit betrayed by them releasing this as a PS4 exclusive and I dislike Sony’s paid Plus network with passion. I will not be buying the expansion and doubt I will keep buying any of their PS4 exclusive dreadful 30 FPS games. There is no comparison playing DS2 30 FPS vs. 60 FPS.
  • mlga91
    Most (if not all) of From Sofware games have that sword, all the way from Kings Field, its nice that they dont break their tradition.