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Chrome Now at 25% Market Share, IE Down to 40%

According to StatCounter, Chrome finished October with 24.99 percent share, behind Firefox with 26.39 percent and IE with 40.19 percent. During the month, IE lost 1.47 points, Firefox lost 0.4 points and Chrome gained 1.38 points. Apple's Safari climbed by 0.33 points to 5.93 percent share.

While some predicted that Chrome's growth will be flattening at some point, they are still accelerating at this time. The browser gained 10.1 points of share in this year alone and has just posted the strongest 6-month gain in its short history (6.7 points). At the current speed, Chrome will be surpassing Firefox market share on an average basis sometime this month and catch up with IE by mid-2012. For the past week, Chrome's market share averaged 25.43 percent, behind Firefox with 26.03 percent, according to StatCounter.

Microsoft isn't seeing this development quite as dramatic, at least not publicly. The company only quotes Net Applications data and only IE9 market share on Windows 7. According to Microsoft, IE9 now has about 22 percent share on Windows 7 systems globally, just ahead of Chrome and just behind Firefox. Microsoft's interests in browser share appear to be very different from Google's interest. While Microsoft is trying to claim the browser crown on Windows 7 with IE9 to prepare for a successful launch of the HTML5 application model for Windows 8, Google is aiming to gain overall market share to support its core revenues that are still created through its search engine.

  • reggieray
    IE, the browser that MS tied directly to their kernel to give the FEDS a back door to their OS.
  • billybobser
    Still no response about no-script's effect on these numbers.

    I think all this suggest is that Chrome advertising is working well.

    Whereas Firefox tended to be spread by recommendation and quality.
  • house70
    "Apple's Safari climbed by 0.33 points"

  • STravis
    Ever try to uninstall Chrome? Apparently it refuses to allow other browsers to become the default (including IE)...Google it.
  • STravis
    house70"Apple's Safari climbed by 0.33 points"Lol....
    Firefox lost 0.4 points... yeah those numbers are pretty silly. I wonder if Apple really gives a shit that their browser isn't climbing in numbers?
  • hoof_hearted
    Tons of XP users still out there. I just recently updated an XP laptop and I tried IE9,8, and 7 and all of them crashed when trying to start. Downloaded Chrome and Firefox and both ran flawless.
  • Goldengoose
    When is the next browser grand prix? Anyone know?
  • icepick314
    I don't get this metric data...

    I'm guessing this does not put into account for mobile browsers since there are TONS of iDevices using Safari but only seen 0.33 point growth with sitting at just under 6% share...

    do we have usage data for mobile browsers yet?
  • windows 8 is microsoft chance to take the market over again, if they put the next IE on the windows 8. and actualy integrate it perfectly with microsoft network, with the windows mobile etc... then they might just take it all back, but like i said its a chance, they can loose it...
  • thrasher32