VR Porn Embraces Smell-O-Vision So You Can Smell The Debauchery Too

CamSoda announced a new product called OhRoma to use scents to enhance its adult entertainment.

You may recall a couple of stories we published in August about the Nosulus Rift, a promotional product Ubisoft built to help spread the word about South Park: The Fractured But Whole, by simulating the smell of flatulence.

Nosulus Rift was meant as a gag, and Ubisoft never planned to sell it to the public, but it’s important to note that it did in fact work. We sent our own Niels Broekhuijsen to Gamescom in late August to make sure. His traumatic experience left him unwilling to take that risk again, but evidently, someone in the adult entertainment industry took inspiration from Ubisoft’s creation and adapted it for something a little less repulsive than a fresh fart. (Although whether you agree with that sentiment probably depends on your own personal beliefs and, erm, "preferred fragrances," as it were.)

CamSoda’s OhRoma features two canisters that attach to the front of the device. Each canister includes three slots for scent cartridges that you can swap out to customize the experience. CamSoda said it developed over 30 different aroma canisters, which include “sensual” scents that simulate the smell of body odor, pleasing environments, and stimulating aphrodisiacs.

The company also developed a mobile app that interfaces with the OhRoma mask and lets you select what you would like to smell during the experience. OhRoma can also sync with another immersive product that CamSoda launched last year called Teledildonics, which replicates the sensations of sex. Teledildonics allow people to have “sex” over the internet with another partner. And with OhRoma added to the mix, CamSoda offers a completely virtual experience that stimulates four of your five senses.

Unlike Ubisoft’s Nosulus, CamSoda’s version of Smell-O-Vision is not a joke. You can order CamSoda’s OhRoma device today. The face mask alone will set you back $70, and you can purchase individual scent packs for as low as $6. CamSoda also offers a combo pack, which includes an OhRoma mask and a complete set of all 30 scents, for $99.

 Kevin Carbotte is a contributing writer for Tom's Hardware who primarily covers VR and AR hardware. He has been writing for us for more than four years. 

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