CeBIT 2008: Two new AMD Boards from Gigabyte

Gigabyte is presenting two new motherboards for AMD's Phenom processor. The GA-780SLI-DS5 uses Nvidia's SLI-capable nForce 780a chipset while the GA-MA78GM-S2H is built around AMD's own 780G chipset.

The Gigabyte GA-M780SLI-DS5 uses Nvidia's nForce 780 SLI chipset

The GA-M780SLI-DS5 features three x16 PEG slots, enabling the creation of a three-way SLI setup. Its PCI-Express interface uses version 2.0 of the standard. Additionally, the nForce chipset supports Hyper-Transport 3.0 and DDR2-1066 memory. Giabyte's familiar DualBios feature is implemented as well, and the board can be monitored and overclocked from within Windows using the "Easy Tune 5 Pro" utility. A Realtek ALC889HD chip handles audio tasks.

Gigabyte's GA-MA78GM-S2H utilizes the AMD 780G chipset

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The GA-MA78GM-S2H that we already had a chance to review is a µATX board using the AMD 780G chipset unveiled Tuesday. This chipset sports an integrated Radeon HD3200 graphics chip and uses the new SB700 southbridge. The GA-MA78GM-S2H also boasts the usual complement of Gigabyte features such as DualBios and "Easy Tune 5 Pro". Realtek's ALC 889 HD audio chip can be found on this board as well.

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