CeBIT 2008: Anti-Noise Cards by HIS

HIS has a couple of interesting thing to show. It first claims to own the fastest Radeon HD 3870 as the manufacturer will launch in the second quarter a model equipped with a water block (meaning it can only work when coupled with a watercooling system), which allows for an intense overclocking : 850 MHz for the GPU and 2380 MHz for the GDDR3 for this IceQ Liquid.

A little more surprising if a Radeon HD 3450 256 bits (64 bits bus), low profile but paired with such a massive heat sink that it won't fit in some PC Home Theater casings.

Finally, the manufacturer had a peculiar card, named iClear. It's meant to improve the electrical current signal-noise ratio, that can indeed get parasites from certain high end graphic cards, TV Tuners or sound cards. Available in either PCI or PCI Express 1x, the enormous PCB for just 6 capacitors and some resistance startles. It does integrate special layers to help reduce the noise. HIS claims a gain that can reach up to 10 % and destines this card to PC Home Theater. Available in the second quarter for $70, the fact that it actually benefits in any way still needs to be proven. Previous shots at the problem by different manufacturers (especially those making power supplies) haven't been convincing.

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