CeBIT 2008: Video Converter for HDTV

The ASUS HDTV Suite HDMI is a video converter box that can output HDTV sources to any PC screen. Using an adapter, you can hook up an HD player or a Playstation 3 to your monitor.

Asus HDTV Suite HDMI


* TV System - Analog (PAL or NTSC)

  • Inputs
  • HDMIDVI / VGALine-in (PC Audio)VHF/UHF (TV Signal)S-Video & Composite & YPbPr (up to 1080p)HDMIDVI / VGALine-out (Headphone & Speaker)


  • Remote Control
  • DVI to VGA adapter
  • VGA cable
  • Video-in adapter for S-Video / Composite / YPbPr

ASUS at 2008: Hall 26/stand D39

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Siggy Moersch