Toshiba to Unveil SDHC Card With 560 Mb/s Short Range Wireless Bandwidth

The technology requires a separate receiver, but delivers a theoretical bandwidth of up to 560 Mb/s with effective throughput rates reaching 375 Mb/s.

As a close proximity wireless data transfer technology, TransferJet has only a range of a about 1.5 inches, but could alleviate the pain of switching memory card. The technology operates in the 4.48 GHz band and was introduced in 2008. It has been ratified ISO/IEC as international standards ISO/IEC 17568 and ISO/IEC 17569 this year.

The SDHC card announced by Toshiba is expected to be a prototype. There was no information when the device could become commercially available and how much it could cost.

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  • el33t
    Now THIS is something innovative! For people who use SD cards a lot, it's a great relief!
  • merikafyeah
    Yeah, if I read that correctly, all you have to do is place the receiver next to the card and it'll work as though it were directly connected. It'll save a lot of wear-n-tear from inserting SD cards.

    Already I can imagine having a miniature turn-table loaded with SD cards. Simply turn the wheel to switch cards, like one of those ancient slide projectors but with SD cards instead of transparent plates.
  • unksol
    Anonymous said:
    Now THIS is something innovative! For people who use SD cards a lot, it's a great relief!

    How is this at all helpful? Its range is 1.5 INCHES and requires a receiver, or docking station. My USB cord is 6 feet... And just as fast. I can get a docking station. This is as silly as those "wireless" charging pads.

    There's a reason no one has touched it since it was introduced in 2008.