CES 2007: Even Duracell is in the iPod accessory market now

Las Vegas (LV) - Ohh Christmas and a banana, even though Macworld is a bazillion miles away we can't escape the ubiquitous iPod accessories here at CES Unveiled in Vegas. Duracell (yes, the battery makers) has launched their PowerFM iPod deck, with the aim of "conslodating the best features of all the iPod accessories on the market." Yes, well, I suppose if you're late to the market the best bet is to just steal everything that's there and make it better. A lesson learned by Microsoft, being used to help Apple's minions. Irony.

The features of the PowerFM include a wireless FM transmitter; a silicone protective case; and a battery life extender that doubles the life of an iPod Nano, and this nifty little piece of kit will be available for $80 at the end of Q1, early Q2.

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