2K Games' 'Civilization VI' Arrives October 21

This year marks the 25th anniversary of the Civilization franchise. Since the first game’s release in 1991, many fans created an empire that endured over two millennia of peace, war, diplomacy, trade and exploration. Today, the series continues with a trailer announcing the arrival of Civilization VI later this year.

The teaser trailer didn’t show any gameplay; rather, it highlights the various achievements of the human race since its beginnings. However, 2K (the game’s publisher) did provide a few screenshots from the upcoming game, as well as some key features in the series’ latest installment.

In terms of diplomacy, your relationships with bordering nations will change as you continue to research more technology. The developers are sticking to the “one unit per tile mechanic” for combat units, but you can supply an offensive unit with various support teams, such as a team of anti-tank soldiers with regular infantry, or pair a combat unit with settlers as they explore the unknown parts of the world. You can also group similar units to create a “Corps,” but more information on that is coming soon.

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NameCivilization VI
DeveloperFiraxis Games
Release DateOctober 21, 2016
Where To BuySteam

Specifically, we’re going to hear more about the game next month at E3. As usual, 2K will have a gigantic booth at the annual gaming show where it will show off all of its upcoming games. As for Civilization VI, it will arrive in stores on October 21. Aside from the basic package, which will cost you $59.99, you can grab the Digital Deluxe Edition. The $79.99 bundle includes the base game, the 25th anniversary soundtrack, and four batches of post-launch downloadable content that includes new civilizations, leaders, scenarios and maps.

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  • brisa117
    Shut up and take my money!
  • megiv
    I know it's not related, but what about another title in the faboules Commandos series ? it's long overdue
  • salgado18
    I'm soo much expecting this! Changes to the formula without changing the basis of an already amazing game, more mod support, all old expansions included, this looks like the best Civ yet! (until released and reviewed, that is)

    Rock Paper Shotgun has more info on the changes to the system (like city improvements now take space on the map), check them out:
  • d_kuhn
    I've not updated my Civ version since IV, V just didn't look at all like an upgrade to me. This one looks very interesting though.
  • pizzacheeks
    Will stick with Civ IV till they bring the the multi units per square back or they but that in as option the can be turned on or off
  • Haravikk
    The one feature I really want is better AI players don't have to cheat (as much). I know that competent AI is hard, but the one unit per tile combat system should be reasonably simple to program into the AI so that it actually withdraws injured units, fires over melee units with ranged units and so-on, as well as having it recognise bottlenecks in the terrain and good defensive positions (hills across rivers etc.).

    I kind of feel like this should be the main focus, as my games of Civ V are usually a frantic race against the odds to keep pace with AI players that started with a ton of bonuses, followed by a brief period of relative balance, then boredom as I grind towards inevitable victory. I want the game to be challenging throughout without having to try to play against other people, as I prefer Marathon game lengths played solo, but the AI spoils the fun most of the time, usually requiring me to cheat (use in-game editor) so I can prop up AI players that don't seem to care about defending themselves.

    In fact, the best thing about Civ V's combat system is that you can defend small civilisations really effectively, but AI players and city states make the stupidest moves, like bringing artillery out of their city and into range of something that will kill them.
  • Pmb Denton
    Wow, I hope they full support Touch screens again with being on Windows 10 and all, Beyond Earth worked really well!
  • sillynilly
    LOVE IT! Can't wait since I wasn't a huge fan of Beyond Earth and find myself going Civ V most of the time.
  • d_kuhn
    LOL... downvotes for calling out Civ V as not as good as Civ IV? Maybe I should have clarified... it not only wasn't as good as IV (which is the best of the series)... it was by far the worst of the series and wasn't even worth bargain bin pricing. Basically took an awesome game and stupified it so the console crowds could play. Clearly not a lot of real Civ fans on Toms.
  • cordes85
    If they have civ 2 music in it, I'm sold