New Climbing, Exploration Systems Arrive For 'Conan Exiles'

Funcom is in the seventh month of its planned Early Access phase for Conan Exiles, and the studio continues to push new content for the open-world survival game. The latest update adds new gameplay mechanics as well as more incentives to explore the map instead of settling down.

This update gives you the ability to climb any surface in the world. Just like in The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, climbing consumes your stamina, so you’ll have to make sure you can safely scale the mountainside or a massive building. Otherwise, you can fall to your death. You can also fall if you take damage while climbing. A crafting recipe for a special set of boots and gloves will let you climb for longer periods of time. Funcom mentioned that you can obtain the recipe from a special character called The Mountaineer who will wait for you atop a tall mountain.

The climbing mechanic also works in combat, as you can scale the walls of an opponent’s base. However, enemies can do the same thing to your defenses as well. When you create a base you can repel these foes with upgraded structures such as Crenelated Walls and the third tier of Reinforced Stone Fences.

After repelling invaders and repairing your base you can further explore the world, which includes new points of interest that range from cave entrances to unique locations. Each new area found provides you with experience points. In addition, you can also create custom markers on the map to designate your home base or to mark dangerous areas in the world.

Along with these additions, the update also upgrades the game from Unreal Engine version 4.12 to 4.15. A major change in the engine version will undoubtedly bring additional glitches, and the studio encourages players to report any issues to the Conan Exiles Steam forum page. Even though the update introduced a new version of the Unreal Engine, the developers still made a number of fixes, improvements, and balances to the game. You can check out the full update notes on Steam.

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Release DateJanuary 30 (Early Access)
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    Good update :) Soon buying this & reason why not yet is cause of EA = Early Access not the Filthy Electronic Arts EA :P Thanks for posting this o/

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