Corsair Creates High-capacity, High-speed USB Stick

Fremont (CA) - If you’re in the market for a USB stick, you can choose either to go for capacity or speed. With the largest sticks at 32 GB in size, but with speed of a dying horse, and the fastest stick at four times less capacity, choice has always been narrow.

Corsair has now finally upped the ante and launched the Flash Voyager GT with 16 GB of storage space. This model replaces the 8 GB part as the fastest company can offer. Its eight gigabyte model stood on top of performance chart for more than a year. Given the fact that it takes almost an hour to fill in our 32 GB stick (using 32-bit Vista), this stick is a welcome addition.

It comes at a price, though. The MSRP is set at around $165, or $30 less than a 32 GB USB model. However, for the time it will take for a 32 GB to fill, you can fill the 16 GB drive, drive 20 miles to a friend, copy all of the data and come back for more.