Costco selling 400 GB hard drives for $100

Just when you thought hard drive prices couldn't get any lower, certain Costco stores are selling 400 GB internal hard drives for $99.97. The Western Digital 7200 RPM drives have been available for a few weeks and the price thankfully does not include any coupon or rebate hassles.

The drives come in retail boxes and include a generic SATA PCI card and SATA cable. The drives are Costco product number #938802 and we originally saw them at the San Bernardino Costco store in Southern California. This deal is offered at some, but not all, of Costco's other stores. It also does not seem to be offered at Costco's online store.

There is an easy way to find out which stores are selling the drives, if you cannot find them at your closest store. Walk up to the supervisor who mans the caged area at the front of the store - this is the area where Costco locks up valuable merchandise. Give the supervisor the part number and they can look up which stores have the drives and how many are in stock.

Prices for many electronics seem to be in a freefall. Last week we reported about a company that is offering 1 GB USB flash drives for $12.99 - to buyers who order 100 or more drives.