Crysis 2: PC and Consoles Compared in MP Demo

Crysis 2 was released this week and brought with it a player-driven first-person-shooting experience.

Unlike the first game, however, this sequel is on the consoles too. For those of you with a beefy enough PC, the choice is simple – go for the PC version. Playing a first-person-shooter is always better if you have the mouse option (though the couch comfort and big screen for consoles is nice too).

If you're unsure about the capabilities of your PC, then perhaps you'll have to settle for a console version. So far, judging from the multiplayer beta, the consoles have kept up really well – at least according to these comparison videos.

From all three different versions, it appears that the geometry is nearly identical. The main differences are in texture quality and lighting. Of course, multiplayer maps are tuned for speed rather than the "wow" effect, so stay tuned for a comparison of the campaign.

Marcus Yam
Marcus Yam served as Tom's Hardware News Director during 2008-2014. He entered tech media in the late 90s and fondly remembers the days when an overclocked Celeron 300A and Voodoo2 SLI comprised a gaming rig with the ultimate street cred.
  • Kaileb
    "the consoles have kept up really well"

    I tend to think that games have been downgraded to run well on consoles, not that they have kept up well.
  • cronik93
    Kept up? You mean holding PC back? There's no graphical improvement over the first Crysis so what the hell? Same graphics....different setting....Everything else about the game(from the main menu to the linear levels in the SP) reeks of console..

    Boy.....Crytek sure sold out PC gamers big time.
  • deathengine
    Its all about the botom line. $$
  • It's like the Radeon x1k series vs Geforce 7 series all over again... we all know who won that battle. Xenos ~ modified x1800 vs RSX ~ Modified 7800 GTX
  • wfrantz
    Stop all the hate. They created an engine that looks similar to the first, but runs %200 smoother. Jesus... people need to appreciate video games more and stop with all the drama, your like a bunch of 7th grade girls.
  • renz496
    seriously, it is not the console able to kept up instead the consoles are holding down crysis 2 to shine in pc.
  • mobrocket
    Honestly graphic quality doesnt make the game, its the gameplay...

    see hollywood movies, all the special effects in the world cant make a movie like Battle LA a good movie
  • bustapr
    I agree with wfrantz. This games looks better than most other games on the market and it is a fun game. Why are all the panzies here always complaining about graphics. Id gladly take some old Final Fantasy, Zelda, and Mario games over some graphics behemoths nowadays. Games are meant for fun, eyecandy is supposed to come after fun. This game has both whether your a crysis 1 fanboy or not. And its impressive that a game can look that good on a 360. And Im glad that I wont need a few years of upgrading my pc in order to play crysis 2 at max.
  • caeden
    indeed, saying the graphics are the same or even similar is just silly. They are very different, and the new one runs much smoother. The game will get all of the pretty lights by the time it is actuially released in a more true PC title rather than a console port. They say it will be this way, let's give them some time to follow through.

    That being said, I am personally annoyed that they would come out with a demo that is incomplete, making people think that their computer will run the full game when it may not once dx10/11 is added. All engine designers should learn from UT2K4. Make it playable on even on-board chips, but let the max settings be truly something for the special few.
  • sirmorluk